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Plastic Surgery in Guntur

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Plastic surgery is a subspecialty of surgery that involves restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of a body part. Our plastic surgery department provides latest techniques with all the safety measures. We have extensive experience in performing various procedures for most accidents, trauma and fire accident cases. Equipped with highly skilled staff and state of the art equipment that cater to your needs amidst a patient-centric ambiance. The patient will receive the best of care with excellent long-term results and world-class follow-up care. All the plastic surgery services are provided under one roof that makes you feel comfortable. After a serious accident, it is important for a person to bring back their level of comfort with the required reconstructive plastic surgery to correct functional impairments.

Plastic Surgery in Guntur

One of the most common types of reconstructive plastic surgery is facial reconstructive plastic surgery which is performed on victims who have been in trauma cases that caused disfigurement of the face. Plastic surgery focuses on the physical appearance of the human body and to restore, alter or reconstruct parts of the body. Some plastic surgery procedures arise from trauma, cancer treatment or congenital anomalies.

Plastic surgery is complicated and requires extra care and support, but sometimes it’s necessary for individuals who have endured trauma, on-the-job injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis in the hands. Our specialists regularly diagnose and treat hand injuries using microsurgery. In fact, we have experienced doctors who work one-on-one with patients to facilitate faster recovery.

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