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Neuro Navigator

myva group

State of the art, limitless navigation possibilities are now available in our premises.

Skull Based surgeries:

With zero line of sight issues, exceptionally designed, multi facet probe provides uninterrupted navigation view with an endoscope.

Frame-less Biopsies:

Pre plan the trajectory and have the biopsy needle navigated to let us view the real time location of the tip without any bulky stereotactic frame.

Prone Positioned Surgeries:

Registration process is very simple and rapid, saving precious surgery time

Pediatric surgeries :

Pinless navigation surgery for infants as well, without electro magnetic navigation.

AVM & Aneurysm Surgeries

Unique multi slice view helps clearly visualize vessels during the surgery and guides to reach the neck of the aneurysm

Shunt Surgeries :

Navigational shunt lets us visualize the shunt during placement